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Benefits of Forming an S-Corporation

Liability Protection
Liability is unlimited as a sole proprietor. Your home, personal bank accounts and other assets are at risk. Incorporating your business separates your personal and business assets and protects you from risks and liability.
Tax Savings
As a sole proprietor, you are required to pay a self-employment tax of 15.3%. If you operate as a S-Corporation, you only pay self-employment tax on salary and not dividends. This can cut your tax bill by 50% or more.
Reduced Chances of Tax Audit
The IRS audits sole proprietor businesses at a higher rate than S-Corporations. The reason for this is that the IRS finds more errors in sole proprietor returns.
More Reasons To Incorporate

How Do I Incorporate?

The easiest and least expensive way to become incorporated is to use an online service. We've outlined the leading online services below to help you choose. Be careful and just don't judge an incorporation service on price alone.

Tier 1  |  Tier 2  |  Tier 3

  legalzoom intuit mycorporation bizfilings incorporate.com
Tier 1 Price $139
+ state fees
+ state fees
+ state fees
+ state fees
Editor Ratings A C+ B B-
Advantages •Most features
•Free consultation
•Free Quickbooks starter
•Free shipping
•Low cost
•Free shipping
Disadvantages •Shipping additional
•More expensive
•Less Features
•Less Features
Preliminary Name Availability Search  
Filing of Articles of Incorporation  
Personalized Waivers, Notices, Minutes    
Action by Written Consent of Incorporator      
Resolutions of First Board Meeting      
Certified Copy of State Filed Documents      
Stock Certificates   10 non-custom 10 custom    
Incorporation Kit and Seal/Embosser   $130 $140 $99 $99
Medical Expense Plan        
Corporate Minutes Forms        
Stock Transfer Ledger      
Prepare & Obtain Tax ID (EIN) from IRS  $79 $69 $70 $75
Preparation of Subchapter S Election  $45  
Obtain S Corporation Status from IRS $80 $69 $45  
Registered Agent Fee (year)  $149 $169   $0 (6 months)
Standard Shipping $10 $29
Overnight Shipping $22 $39 $20 $18
Priority Rush Service   $150 $60 $60
Access to Online Help Center    
Free Subscription to Newsletter  
QuickBooks Simple Start Free Starter Edition      
MS Office Accounting Express Download 2008        
$50,000 Corporate Veil Guarantee      
Promotion - 500 business cards      
40 Essential Business Forms on CD-ROM        
Initial Consultation with an Accountant      
Initial Consultation with a Business Coach      
Compliance DVD: After the Inc Dries     $35  
Business License Application     $99  
Business Plans Made Easy        
A Three Book Legal & Tax Reference Library        
intuit mycorporation

 Included in package

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