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BNET | S-Corporation Resources
White papers, case studies, business articles, and blog posts relating to s corporation.

Should Your Small Business Become an S Corporation?
Information at About.com regarding whether to open up a small business as a corporation. Includes related articles on business structure essentials, IRS and taxes, and choosing ownership structure.

S Corporation Wikipedia Entry
An overview of S Corporations, including taxation issues and qualifications to become an S-Corporation.

S Corporation Association of America
The S Corporation Association (S-Corp) is the only organization in Washington D.C. exclusively devoted to promoting and protecting the interests of America's 3.8 million S corporation owners.

Small Business Resource - S Corporation
Smallbusiness.com's overview of S Corporations. Details of the treatment of dividends and federal taxes.

Employee Owned S Corporations of America
ESCA is the Washington, DC voice for employee-owned S corporations, whose exclusive mission is to preserve and protect S ESOPs and the benefits they provide to the employees who own them.

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